Naturevape are excited to announce that we have now teamed up with Simon at Coily, the inventor and creator of the Coily device to measure and trim coil legs. Simon...


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Naturevape are excited to announce that we have now teamed up with Simon at Coily, the inventor and creator of the Coily device to measure and trim coil legs. Simon and I have been astounded by the demand for the Coily and it soon became obvious that we had to produce more to satisfy our customers requirements which meant investment for injection moulding which we have now made equally. This will take a few weeks to conclude but stock will soon be readily available for everyone.

From now on and until the bulk stock arrives I will put the limited amount of the Coily which we can produce on the Naturevape site every Thursday or Friday and I will announce their availability on the Naturevape Facebook page to let people know. Here is the link for our page: https://www.facebook.com/Naturevape/ There is also a separate Facebook group for the Coily which is run by Simon who gives regular updates and also offers the Coily for sale on a weekly basis and here is the link for his page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/coilytool/

Naturevape are proud to offer the Coily, the latest coil cutting template to get coil legs cut with precision every time. This simple yet ingenious device was designed and created here in the UK for the man who craves perfection with coils. Using the coily is simplicity itself, the Coily will measure the width of the deck posts then simply cut the desired length of wire by placing the coil through the holes in the Coily. The Coily was predominately developed for postless decks but we believe the Coily is just as capable for velocity and other style decks with perfect results and reduces the risk of flying wires.

Coily Review

Our full tutorial video for the Coily Measuring and Trimming Tool

Customer Reviews

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Coily Measuring and Trimming Tool for Coils

Does exactly what you want it to do

Does exactly what you want it to do.
Well made and better than the clones out there.
Great product.

Coily tool

Well made and fast postage makes Atty builds a breeze.

Handy but simple piece of kit.

I have always 'judged' or guesstimated my coil leg lengths but this takes out the guess work. Didnt think I needed one but it's now a great asset when building coils. Simple, easy and works every time.

The one and only Coily Tool.

Finally got my hands on a Coily tool.
I did have to wait an extra day after delivery had officially been completed as apparently our postman finds reading addresses difficult and proceeded to deliver it to the right house number but the wrong street!
Fortunately for me the person living at that address is honest and kindly completed the delivery. 👍

Now, onto the Coily tool itself.
In short it's a genius idea but that's not much of a review so let's go into detail.

This small strip of plastic appears flat but it's actually a slight wedge to enable different coil leg lengths to be cut.
Cutting lengths start at 3mm and increase in half millimetre increments up to 8mm.
Mine is purple but it comes in a range of colours so if purple isn't your thing you still have other options available.
A detachable wrist strap is also included.
For anyone who regularly uses rebuildable tanks or drippers this is an invaluable time saver.
For decks that are short on space under the posts and getting clippers in to trim is difficult this provides an easy solution, just pop your coil in the slot indicating your required leg length, clip them off and fit to your deck. Simple, quick and easy to use.
It's a welcome addition to any vaping tool kit and once you've tried it you'll probably wish you'd got one sooner.

Would I recommend buying one?
Yes absolutely. I'm all for anything that makes life just that little bit easier and when it comes to coils and getting them cut this ticks all the boxes.

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