Naturevape are proud to offer the Mata Fina Extract from La Tabaccheria. Mata Fina is the “prima donna” of cigar tobaccos; it is a premium tobacco produced in Bahia, in Brazil....


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Naturevape are proud to offer the Mata Fina Extract from La Tabaccheria. Mata Fina is the “prima donna” of cigar tobaccos; it is a premium tobacco produced in Bahia, in Brazil. It falls within the dark-air-cured class, it is subjected to a fermentation process which gives their leaves a very dark colour and strong aromatic scents. The Mata Fina we selected is a sun-grown-wrapper, a wrapper tobacco grown in the sun. Differently from shade-grown-wrappers, these are characterised by stronger aromas precisely because they are cultivated in the sun. In cigar manufacturing, wrapper is how the outermost leaf is defined, with binder being the sub-layer, and filler the innermost part.Our extract, part of our Elite line, will meet the tastes of those looking for a strong and at the same time delicate and sensual aroma that will elegantly accompany them all day long.

La Tabaccheria recommend a blend of between 5% and 10% Extract combined to make a 50/50 PG/VG mix depending on your individual taste, I can tell you that I have tried both ends of the scale and I believe a 7% mix is a very good starting point as these flavours are incredibly strong.

To make life easy here is a example based on a 9mg strength E-liquid using our 70/30 Nic Shots which can be found HERE.


Ingredients to make 9mg 50/50 ml grams
Nicotine Shots (73/30 VG/PG)18mg 50.00 58.019
La Tabaccheria Extract @7%  7.00 7.266
PG 28.00 29.064
VG 15.00 18.900
Totals 100.00 113.249


To generate a mix of your own there is a simple e-liquid mixing calculator HERE.

Naturevape have started to produce mixing bottles which can be found HERE.

Product description: 

Tobacco extract. It is not a food. Do not swallow. Do not use in its pure form. Dilute at 5-15% to flavour inhalation liquids (neutral bases) for electronic cigarettes (E-Cigs), electronic cigars (E-Cigars) and electronic pipes (E-Pipes).


Propylene glycol USP/EP/E1520, Tobacco Extract.


Read the label before use. It is not a food. Do not swallow. Do not use in its pure form. Dilute at 5-15% with a neutral basis for electronic cigarettes. This product does not require any post-dilution maturation. It may contain inevitable traces of nicotine resulting from the extraction process. Keep out of reach of children. IN CASE OF INGESTION: if you feel unwell, contact a POISONS INFORMATION CENTRE or a doctor. Dispose of the product/container in compliance with the national regulations. Store between 34°F and 104°F away from sunlight. Safety data sheet available upon request. The information and safety data sheets can be found on the website www.latabaccheria.net. PRODUCTS INTENDED ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY FOR END CONSUMERS. TOBACCO PRODUCTS SALES TO MINORS IS PROHIBITED.


Customer Reviews

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Gary Black
These concentrates are the REAL deal


My vaping journey began in 2007 whilst on a business trip to China and I came across the early cig-a likes. It was supposed to be Marlboro Red - tasted nothing like it of course - but it had a throat hit and marked the beginning of the end for cigarettes for me. In the following years I moved with the technology and today I’m still a keen hobbyist vaper. I began making my own eliquid over 10 years ago and initially chased that elusive tobacco taste and sensation. Closest I got was Perique from House of Liqiuid, but soon a moved onto fruit/dessert flavours. I watched Mark’s channel when he talked about La Tabaccheria and decided to try. I’m glad I did, I’m working my way through all his flavours - up to 6 or so now and they are all truly wonderful. I never thought I’d be prized away from my desserts, but these are the best tobacco concentrates I’ve ever used - and I’ve tried plenty over the years. I can’t recommend them highly enough and I’m sure if you try them, like me, they’ll become part of your daily rotation when you’re a bit sick of custard or strawberry cheesecake 😃

Mata Fina

Amazing NET. Describing how good it is really won’t help. If you miss the old cigars it has to be tried. Thanks Mark for teaming up with La tabaccheria.


Lovely juice

Craig D
WOW, Aromatic

What can I say but wow....
This is one very aromatic cigar and a very pleasant surprise that was. I've vaped many cigar NETS but never before have I had one that's more on the aromatic side.

What I get from this is instantly that aromatic taste which can be described as similar to a musky sandelwood with a slightly sweet background note.

I mixed this one at 5% which is plenty for me. Nice and bold vape which can I'll enjoy in the evenings.

Albert Valenti
Superb net liquid

.I mixed this liquid on 22 July started vaping it on 24 July even after just 2 days steep it is so good I ordered another 10ml concentrate. This one I think will get better over time. I do not usually get on with net tobscco liquids but Im so glad I gave it another go well done La tabacheria and nature vape for getting this brand in

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